This function will allow you to create and manage schools for the parent application. This will walk you through creating a school, school code, start and end times, and geo-fence creation. 

Adding a New School

To add a new school, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Set-up > Schools

The Manage Schools page will be displayed.

        2. Select Add School.

Below is the page you will see after selecting Add School.

        3. Enter the school's name in the School Name field. Press Locate

Note: If another school appears, add your school's city to achieve the desired location. 

        4. Create a school code. This can be an abbreviation 


        5. Enter the AM and PM Bell Time. Note: The application will begin to scan for buses arrival 30 minutes before the AM bell, and departures 30 minutes after the PM bell. 


        6. Select the size of your activation zone. You can choose either to create a circular zone as shown above, or create a custom geo-fence by selecting Polygon Fence, as shown below. Select Draw, and place your points where they need to be. 

Lastly, click Save.

Still having issues? Retrace your steps, if that does not fix your issue, please don't hesitate to contact us through chat or through the phone.