The Keys you have added to the system represent what is being provided to parents as the identifier of the bus their students will be riding to and from their schools. In this screen, you will assign the actual Vehicles that service these keys.

You can assign multiple keys to a vehicle depending on what your district uses as 'keys'. For example, If your keys represent different tiers of a route, a given vehicle could be performing multiple tiers in the AM (referred to here as 'To-school') and multiple tiers in the PM (referred to as 'From-school'), and you would map these tiers or keys to the assigned vehicle.

These mappings represent your master plan for daily operations. On any given day, if the vehicle that's supposed to perform a certain key is not available for any reason, a different vehicle can be assigned to the affected keys.  For more details see Bus Re-Assignments.  

Mapping Keys to a Vehicle 

To map keys with vehicles, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Set-up > Vehicle>Key Mapping
  2. Click Add Mapping

        3. Input the vehicle number, and the keys that go to and from school that bus will be handling. You can assign multiple 'To-school' and 'From-school' keys to the selected vehicle.

        4. Select Save. The frequency will fill in based on the days of the week the keys operate. 

Once a Vehicle->key mapping is entered, you can click on the 'pencil' icon to add or remove keys mapped to a given vehicle. You can also click on the 'delete' icon to delete the entire row if none of the mappings in a row are applicable any more.