Below is a easy step-by-step guide to installing and setting up your SafeStop app

  1. The Bytecurve SafeStop app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store on Android devices and the App Store for iOS. Simply search, "SafeStop", and download it on to your device. 
  2. After you download and launch the app, you will be prompted to enter the 'Access code'. This code is unique to the school district your student attends and will be provided to you by the district. Please note, support staff are not able to provide this to you.
  3. After you enter a valid access code, you will be taken to the account creation screen, as shown below.  You can use an existing Google or Apple ID or create an account using a valid email address as your account ID.
  4. If you choose to use your email address, click on 'Sign up with email' and enter the details as below.  Make sure you leave the 'Push Notifications' toggle 'ON'.
  5. When you tap on 'Register' you will be prompted to enter the buses your students ride.  Your school district should have provided this information to you.  You can search for this by entering a few characters of the bus identifier in the search box.  Make sure you select all the buses that all your students ride by swiping the selector toggle button to the right, as shown below. 
  6. Next, you need to add your students to the app.  Enter your student ID, first name and last initial as shown below, and tap on 'Next'. 
  7. If the information has been entered correctly, your student's name will appear.  If this information matches your student's information, please tap 'Add another student' to add more students, or 'Done' to indicate that you have added all your students.
    Note: If you get a 'Student not found' error message, please check the student ID and the name to make sure these are correct. If you still get the same error, please contact the school district and make sure your student's name has been added to the system in the back-end.
    So far we have added the buses and the students. As a final step, we now need to create 'Alert zones'. You should see this prompt below:

  8. An alert zone is an area you create along the path of the buses you follow, and the system will send you a notification when the bus enters this area.  
    Click on 'Create your first alert zone'.  If you have not granted the app permission to access your phone's location, you will be prompted to do so.  Please see below and click on 'While using the app'.  This prompt may be different on iPhones; the screenshot below is from an Android phone.

  9. Enter an address in the 'search address' field and click on the search icon or move the map around to find the location around which you want to create your alert zone.

  10. After clicking next, you will be shown all the buses that you had selected earlier. Indicate which buses you expect to pass through this zone and click next. 
  11. In the last step towards creating your zone, you can change the radius of the zone using the slider, indicate whether you would like to be notified when the bus comes to pick-up your student, drop-off or both.  You can un-select any day of the week that you don't want to be notified on.
  12. When you click 'Next', you will have the option to add more alert zones, or indicate that you are done.
  13. When you are done creating your zones, you the app will display the Home screen showing your zones.  You have now successfully set up the Safestop app.

  14. If you exited the set-up process before you could complete all the steps, you will be taken to the 'Setup status' screen when you launch the app on your phone.  The steps you have already completed are indicated by a check mark and you can navigate to the screen to complete the missing step(s) by clicking on the corresponding tile.