Adding a new student

At any time, you can add more students to your account or remove a student you are currently following from your account.  If you need to do so, please follow the steps below: 

1. First, select the menu icon in the top left corner from the Home screen:

2. Then, select the "Students" option, as listed below.

3. If you have already added any students to follow, you will see them listed on this screen.  Click on the blue circle in the lower right corner with the 'plus' icon.

4. Type in all of the student's information as listed below. Tap on Next.

Important Note for iOS Users
If your employee's First or Last Name includes an apostrophe, it is necessary to select the "straight" apostrophe on the iOS keyboard. Tap and hold the apostrophe key to select the correct one.

A keyboard with a blue button 
Description automatically generated 

5. A confirmation screen will appear, if it is incorrect, you can try again. If it is the correct student, press Done and the student will be added to your account.

6. A updated list will now show with the new student that has been added.  You have successfully added the student to your account.

7. You can also delete a student at any time by swiping left on the student name and the delete option will appear, as below.


To get notifications for a newly added student, you must assign to the student the buses that he/she rides.  To make s do so tap on the student for whom you want to assign buses.  The following screen will appear.  Use the slider to assign / un-assign the correct buses to the student, and tap on Finish.  Your changes will be saved.