At any time, if you would like to follow any additional buses your students ride or stop following any of the buses you had previously added to your account, continue the following steps: 

1. In the upper left corner, select the menu icon. This will cause a drop down menu to appear. 

2. On the menu, you will see your name and your district. Below that, select, "Buses You Follow".

3. Select any additional buses by entering a few characters in the search box and swiping right the ones you want to follow.   You may also stop following any of the buses you currently follow by swiping these to the left and turning the selection to the 'off' position.  Then click on 'Next'.  You will be prompted to confirm your changes, after which your changes will be saved and you will be returned to the Home screen showing the map and your alert zones.


Anytime you add or remove buses you follow, go to the 'Students' menu option and make sure you match your students to their correct buses