This document shows you how you can add new alert zones or remove or edit a zone you have previously created. 

1. Select the menu icon in the top left.

2. Select, "Alert Zones" on the list.

3. A list of the existing zones you have created will show. If you would like to edit that zone, tap on the zone and continue to follow the steps here. If you are creating a new zone, select the blue 'plus' icon in the lower right corner. 

3. When choosing the location of a zone, it will be most effective if it is created in an area where the bus passes through, or the location of a bus stop where your child gets on and off.  To select the location, you can enter an address or an intersection and click on the search icon.  Alternatively, you can move the map around, zoom in/out and tap on the location where you want your alert zone to be located.

After you have selected a location, enter a name for the zone and tap Next.

4. Select the buses you would like to track by moving the slider to the right. Press Next.

5. You can now select whether you want your notifications only for the 'To-school' pick-up or 'From-school' drop-off or both.  You can also un-select any day of the week on which you don't want to be notified.  

There is also a slider that you can move to the left or right to decrease or increase the radius of your zone.  It is best to leave this at the system assigned default value and revisit this at a later time if you want to get your notifications sooner or later.

Tap on Finish after you have made the desired changes, and the zone will be saved.