In instances where the bell time of a school needs to be modified for a specific day, one can add a school event from the Calendar screen to do so.

Creating the School Event

  1. Navigate to Set-up > Calendar and select “School event” from the “Add Event” drop-down list.

        2. The “School Event Detail” pop out window will appear. From there specify the customer and specific date for which the start/end times need adjusted.


  1. Under the “Action drop-down list select either the school start time, end time, or both, before inputting the value with which to adjust them by.  This value can be negative or positive.  To advance the time, such as for ‘Early outs’, a negative number is to be used, and for pushing out the time, such as for ‘Late starts’, a positive number is to be used. This value is always in minutes.


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  1. One can also toggle on “Make recurring” and choose to have the modified times continue on certain days of the week, for a given date-range.

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        3. Next select the given school, or schools, that need to have bell times adjust before clicking Add to move them into the table on the right labeled “Selected School:”

                            a. Note that schools with a line through them have already been assigned a time-shift event that conflicts with the date(s) of the currently selected one.

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        4. Lastly, press Save to finalize the school calendar event.

                            a. Note that the updates to bell time from the Calendar screen will not take place until the shifts in time are applied to the Zone Alert window and the School Notification window through a process that runs overnight.


Reviewing the Adjusted Notification Windows

  1. Navigate to Support > Support Assistant.
  2. After using the filter criteria to bring up an account affected by the bell time change, click the  icon and select the “Notifications Settings” tab.  
  3. A new addition to this screen is the 'Date' value at the top center of the screen.  This is because the active time window for each zone will vary by the day, due to adjustments in school start or end times.
  4. The current date will be selected by default, and the 'Active From' and 'Active Until' columns will reflect the active window for that day, based on the adjusted school bell times for that day. 
  5. The user can change the date to go back to prior days to see the active tracking window for any historical date, based on that day's school times.

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    Note that the "School start/end time" values in the 'Schools' section will currently show the start of the school window, for the AM, and the end of the school window, for the PM. A future release will update the data populated here to show the adjusted "School start/end time."

As an example, in the screenshot below the "School start/end time" value should be 9:32 AM, but an additional 30 minutes has been added to signify when the school window ends.