Safestop allows parents to track their student’s bus in real time, as other bus tracking applications do.  However, one key difference with Safestop is that the application does not keep any information about bus routes and stops at which student gets on or off the bus.  Instead, parents select points along the path of the bus leading up to their student’s stop.   These are called ‘Alert Zones’ in Safestop, and when the bus passes through each of these alert zones, a notification is sent to the parent.  


If a parent wishes to be notified when the bus is five minutes away from their student’s stop, they could create an alert zone at a point five minutes away and be notified.  If they also want to be notified when the bus is ten minutes away, they could create another zone for this, and in general one can create as many zones as one needs.

Users can also choose to get school arrival and school departure notifications, without having to create any alert zones for their student's school.