The Support Assistant screen is designed to provide operators a set of tools to troubleshoot issues reported by parent users.  These provide information about:

  1. Certain system settings, such as the Access code provided to parents of the selected school district customer, whether ZPass (Ridership functionality) is enabled, etc.
  2. The mobile app settings of the parent user, such as the Students and Keys being followed by the user and details of their Zone settings, as well as if he/she has created any alert zones.
  3. The Vehicles assigned by the operator to the Keys being followed by the parent user.
  4. The bread-crumb trail of the vehicle that was assigned to the parent’s keys on any given day, between any selected time window.

Using Support Assistant

To familiarize oneself with how to navigate Support Assistant follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Support > Support Assistant.
    1. Note that the Access code, which parent’s need to create an account, will be located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen as well as a GPS indicator icon to show whether GPS events are being processed on time for parent app users.
  2. Filter based on any of the following before pressing Submit to bring up the account(s) in question.
    1. Parent Name, Parent Email, Student Name, Student ID
      1. Partial values such as a parent’s last name can be used to search as well.

       3. Select the  icon under the action column to bring up the “Account Detail” screen for the selected parent.

                   a. Pressing the  icon will bring up a prompt to deactivate the parent’s account. A deactivated account can be reactivated by filtering on 'Inactive' accounts and selecting 'reactivate,' under the action column, for the account in question.


       4. On the “User Info” tab one can see whether or not a parent has enabled push notifications.

                   a. Note that the “Device ID” field will be blank if a user has logged out of their account on their original device and logged back in on a different device.

      5. Click on the “Notification Settings” tab to view Zone and School notification settings for a given day.

                   a. Note that the “Active From” and “Active Until” columns will define the active window for each zone/key combination.

                   b. Know that the value shown under the “School start/end time” currently shows the bell times adjusted for the active window.

                        i. AM bell time will show 30 minutes earlier than the actual bell time.

                        ii. PM bell time will show 30 minutes before the actual bell time.

This is an error that will be corrected in a future release to display the school start time for school arrival notifications and the school end time for school departure notifications.  These times will be adjusted for any shifts in time for the given day based on calendar entries created by the operator.

        6. Select the icon under the action column for either a school or zone. A pop-out window, Locate, will appear

        7. Using the locate function a user can verify vehicle breadcrumb data for a given day to see if the bus passed through the appropriate zone within the active window.

                   a. Note that the active window is based off of school bell times and could change for a given zone if multiple students, who go to different schools, are paired to the same zone.

                   b. School calendar events will also affect the active windows for tracking a bus and receiving notifications. For more info on school calendar events click here.

        8. Click on the “Notification History” tab to review previous notifications received by the parent.

        9. Pressing Cancel at anytime while on the “Account Detail” screen will return the user to the main Support Assistant screen, while keeping the results of their original search criteria displayed.

One Time Password

To troubleshoot parent app issues one can use the one time password feature to login to a parents account for up to 10 minutes.

Generating the One Time Password

  1. Navigate to Support > Support Assistant.
  2. Search for the parent account in question.


         3. Select the  icon to generate the temporary password.

         4. A pop-up window will appear stating the email to use, as well as the password to enter.

                    a. Note that the password will only be active for 10 minutes from the time it was originally generated.